4 Reasons Why Travel Agency Should Have a Mobile App

Build an App for Travel Agency to Increase Sales

According to research, people today expect their travel agency to provide them with valuable information in the form of a smartphone app.

Paper brochures are clumsy, people often lose them and reading an emergency phone number from a brochure in the middle of the night is not really the best way to do things.

Mobile app packed with all the information about the destination, phone numbers and a small dictionary with the most common used words and phrases in the local language can really make the holidays more stress-free, especially for families with kids.

But there is more to having a smartphone app offered by your agency than this!

1. Let Your Clients Experience a Stress-Free Vacation

People carry smartphones on them all the time. Even when they are in their swimsuit on a beach you can be sure their smartphone is in the bag under the sunshade.

Smartphones are a daily companion and people rely on these devices wherever they are.

Having an app specifically made for the destination they are in can help them feel safe and comfortable.

They can check the information they need anytime, use it to learn more about their surroundings and if the app includes a map with trips around the place with points of interest, they might want to get a little more adventurous!

Having a pleasant experience will make people want to use your services the next time they search for a vacation. Don't underestimate customer experience and word of mouth!

Getting packed

2. Show the Beauty of Your Destinations & Sell More Packages

People get bored and having a catalog with activities in their smartphone will make them flip through it.

When they discover an interesting activity that you offer, be it a trip to a near city or a ship cruise around the islands, you have a good chance that they will want to experience it!

As mentioned before, you should create a guide for the destination, with some Points of Interests and trips.

Providing value with your app is a step that doesn't cost too many resources and could greatly benefit not only your clients but your agency as well.

Beautiful, isn't it?

3. Receive Better Feedback & Improve Your Service

People don't like to complain in person. (Only when something really disastrous happens during their stay.)

However, having an option to anonymously rate your service, the staff, destination etc. could help you gather valuable data that you'd otherwise miss.

You can use custom forms within your mobile app and use the information you get as a review, testimonial or learn the things that should be done better next time.

Create Your Mobile Guide Now!

4. Stay In Touch With Your Clients Even After The Vacation Is Over

Smartphone apps can become a great marketing tool when you discover the potential of push notifications.

Many agencies don't maintain the relationship and don't capitalize on the communication channels they established after the first purchase.

A newsletter with new travel packages once in a while does not cut it.

Sending a push notification, with a short and engaging message - announcing that there is new content in the app or that there are new packages available - can greatly increase the customer loyalty.

Oh look a new deal from my favorite travel agency!

What Should Be Inclueded in a Travel Agency App?

Here is a list of features that will benefit your clients on their vacation:

  • Map with Points of Interest and Trips
  • Tips for families with children
  • Important phone numbers
  • Recommended restaurants
  • Dictionary with the most used phrases
  • Catalog of travel packages and additional services
  • News & Deals