7 Tips For Using Mobile Apps To Leave Your Competition In The Dust

Leave Your Competition in the Dust

The new year has already started but you think about how to get a step ahead of your competition every day. Well, here is food for thought - below you will find 7 tips for using a mobile app for your business and get not only one step ahead but get a headstart so big your competitors will start thinking of closing their shop.

1. You are ready to sell 24/7

Your employees are people too (what a surprise, right?) and that means they have friends and personal lives. How does that matter? Well, maybe they are on a night out and meet an acquaintance that is interested in the products you sell.

In the age before you have had your business mobile app, your employee, let's call him John, would have to remember that his friend from the night before was interested in your products. Then, he would have to call him, ask him if he wants to meet and show him your catalog. And then, maybe he could write an order and get it for processing two days later.

With a mobile app in his pocket, he can quickly whip it out and submit an order instantly. Just like that, John has closed a deal in his leisure time and you've got a new customer.

2. You process orders faster

The next morning, you see in your system that John has submitted an order at around eleven in the evening and you start processing it immediately.

3. You showcase your products better

How did John close the deal yesterday? You ask yourself this question and look at your old crumbled catalog with sheets of paper with prices, discounts and updates poking out of it.

Imagine your sales people fumbling around with that thing in their hands. Would you buy something from them? Probably no.

Showcase Your Products

Selling with a mobile device is a walk in the park opposed to using clumsy paper catalogs

With an app, you can load as many photos and information about your products as you want and it will not get heavier with each page. You can also add, remove and update products in your catalog without destroying the aesthetic feel.

John simply made a good impression with a catalog inside his smartphone and it looked cool when he swiped the pictures around while talking about your awesome products.

4. You collect customer feedback

The order was delivered and everyone is happy. That's what you might think when the invoice is paid. But some people don't want to bother with complaints and making phone calls.

When John sees his new client again, he will ask questions about the order and if everything went OK. Then he'll type the answers into his phone, send the feedback to your e-mail and you will see if anything can be done better next time.

Get Feedback Easily

Improve your business operations with feedback from customers

5. You keep your employees informed

Later that day a shipment of new products has arrived into your warehouse and not everyone was in the office at the moment to hear the good news. You add the products into your catalog and send a push notification to everyone.

6. You offer flexible discounts

The push notification will not only tell everyone about the new products in the catalog. It will also state that they should start offering the new products at 25% off for the next few days to better introduce it to your customers.

7. You save money

On top of all that, you save money. You also make more money. How is that possible? Your employees are more productive and your costs are lower because you don't have to print catalogs and flyers anymore. This allows you to focus on improving customer support and building your sales reps skills.

Do you want to make this a reality?

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