Business Apps? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Smart Business Apps

Mobile apps are everywhere around us. Smartphones are the new standard since the iPhone started the revolution and everyone in the developed world has one.

Cell phones are not only for calling, texting and playing games anymore. And many companies realised that there is a great potential in those pocket-sized supercomputers connected to the network 24/7, being the pioneers of business mobile apps (ZipCar, eBay) and many other have built their business model solely on the fact that everyone has a smart device in their pocket these days (Uber).

But, how can a small business benefit from having a mobile app when it doesn't offer the type of service requiring one and having a tight budget?

Well, look around you. There is a good chance that even your local hair salon has a loyalty app for keeping their customers engaged and their app is not some kind of a game-changer in the hair cutting industry, many barbers have one and many can function without having one and not go bankrupt.

Loyalty apps are great for businesses that offer recurring services, such as hair and beauty salons, restaurants etc. These apps are fairly cheap to make and customers love to use them.

Loyalty Apps

"Wait, there is a coffee shop around the corner! Turn left, I need to earn my points today!"

But apps for customers are not the only option. For example, many delivery businesses have their own apps for couriers and other businesses have given their salesmen tablets with product catalogs etc.

Having an app for employees is a great approach to increase their productivity and engagement. Instead of offering customers a free haircut once in a while, offer your employees a mobile app that will make their work easier and more efficient.

Having happy customers is only one part of the equation. Happy and productive employees are crucial for the business because they can write orders faster with a smile on their face, making your customers even more happy to do business with you.

Well, you are convinced that your business could indeed benefit from having its own mobile app. So how should you incorporate an app into your business?

There are many ways to do it - but we are going to talk about doing it smart. The first thing you should decide (and it shouldn't take long) is if you want to buy your employees a Business Only Smartphone (aka COBO - Company Owned, Business Only) or let them use their own for both work and personal use (aka BYOD - Bring Your Own Device). 

You should have made your decision after reading that sentence - of course, you are going the BYOD route! And your employees will thank you for that because they already have one smartphone, why should they carry around two?!

<p">However, if your employees don't own smartphones yet there is another way to make both parties happy - buy a smartphone and let them use it for personal matters as well (this is called COPE - Company Owned, Personally Enabled)

For more information about BYOD and other strategies for incorporating mobile apps into your daily business operations, have a look at our infographic, where we explain these things in more detail.

Work with Mobile Apps

Employees will love to use your mobile app for their work - it makes their job easier and they become more productive as a result.

Now, you need to have the actual app made. You've probably heard that mobile app development is an expensive thing. Yes, it is, don't even consider that as your first option.

I'm not telling you this to demonize developers, they are very useful in the later stages of your business app growth. For your first business app, though, you should use an app builder as it is a good way to get your feet wet. You can think about extra features and developers later when you have a clear idea of what you really need in mind.

Now, that you have decided to make an app for your business with an app builder, you should think of the features it should have.

Effortix is built with employees and partners in mind, check out the list of available pages or tutorials in our documentation and see if Effortix might fit your needs. If you like what you see, there's nothing holding you back!

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