Case Study: How a Parkour Clothing Brand Uses Mobile App For Content Marketing

Mobile app used for content marketing

We have a lot of clients with a lot of specific needs. This article is about a parkour club and a clothing brand called Heartcore. The app they made with Effortix is a great example of content marketing - in a surprisingly unconventional way.

Heartcore is a Parkour club from the Czech Republic. One of the founders operates a clothing e-commerce website with their own brand of parkour apparel and decided to create an app for their club and the parkour community.

The app is called Heartcore MAPP and inside you can find:

  • A detailed list of parkour training spots, with details and photos
  • A map with the training spots
  • A catalog with Heartcore clothing collection
  • Shopping cart for quick orders
  • News page with events related to parkour and Heartcore brand


Yet Another Proof That Content is King

This app is a perfect example of content marketing and providing value to your customers before they make a purchase.

Having a shop in a form of a mobile app is great. People can order easily, anywhere and browse the products in a more convenient way.

However, offering something more (free value) in addition to this will greatly improve your standing in the customer's eyes.

The community that your business is targeting will seek the content / app and will want to use it if you provide enough value in the form of free content.

Heartcore has made a smart move and provided their fans with a really useful app full of content related to their niche to support their image.

Now they can send push notifications and build a strong community around their brand and app.

I am sure many parkour enthusiasts love this app, use it to find new places to train at and will even order the Heartcore hoodie at some point :)

Feeling inspired by the Heartcore story?