How to Publish & Use a Mobile Tourism Guide

Tips for using mobile tourism guide

In the first part of this tutorial, we have covered the planning stage and how to best present the POIs in your city or town inside your mobile tourism guide.

In the second part, we have finished the creation process of our app and we are ready to publish and use it.

In this part, we are going to teach you how to publish your app, how to use QR codes and give you some more tips regarding your mobile guide.

How to publish your mobile tourism guide?

The process is rather simple:

Go to the Publish page in the administration of your app, download the files and publish them on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore under your accounts. If you need help with this, you can contact Effortix support to assist you.

Here it gets a little bit more complicated.

Enable QR codes that will point to the download page of the app if it isn’t installed, to do so, you have to turn on “This application is public” button.

After you publish your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play, you should visit the Publish tab in the Settings and insert the links to download locations – this is necessary for QR codes to work properly.

You should also add the name of your city as a vendor, and a contact e-mail.

Put QR codes all around your city and a QR reader into your app

QR Codes are links between reality and your mobile guide. 


Wouldn't it be great if all these people had your travel guide in their phones? Scatter QR codes around major locations with a lot of foot traffic.

Every POI has its unique QR Code which you can print and put it somewhere near the attraction to link people who scan the code either to the download page of your app or the POI page inside the app.

Having QR Codes on flyers or in brochures about your city can help drive more users to your mobile guide. Put QR codes on info panels near airports, bus stations, tourist information centers etc. as well.

More Tips

- Publish ads (with QR codes) in your local newspaper.

- Put download links on your official website.

- Publish news often and notify your users with push notifications (You can find push notifications under the Publish tab.)

- If your city has a fan page on social media, post a status there and put a download link into the description as well.

- Find or create a facebook group related to your city and request the admin / put the link into the description.

- Do you have an awesome tip for our readers? Tell us by e-mail!


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