VIDEO: Success with Mobile Tourism: Three Tips

Success with Mobile Tourism: Three Tips in Eight Minutes

Brant Huddleston, author of the book "How to Build the Perfect Smartphone Tour (Without Geeking Out)", released an entertaining and insightful video aimed at any tourism professional interested in enhancing the experience of their visitors with mobile technology. 

In it, Brant offers three tips for success and shows real-world examples of good and bad uses of QR Codes in mobile tourism. Quite Right or Quite wRong? It depends!

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What will you learn?

  • How to create jobs, opportunity, and wealth in your community with smartphone technology.
  • Three major technology trends you can use NOW to stimulate your tourism economy
  • The ONE reason mobile tour apps fail and how to avoid it
  • Seven practical tools, tips, and techniques for building your first mobile tour
  • Five ways to draw your visitor into a deeper experience, and make money in the process

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