Why Use An App Builder To Create Your New Mobile App

Effortix - The Most Powerful App Builder

There are four options to consider when starting the development of your app. Let's learn more about the first three before we start discussing the benefits of using the app builder.

Coding The App Yourself?

The first one is the most difficult to do and it's coding the app on your own.

You have to learn how to program in various languages, design your app, develop it, test it, and spend countless nights working on it without guaranteed results.

I assume most people would quit the first week into this. Unless you are an experienced developer, don't go this route.

Do you want to spend your nights with this?

Hiring a Software Development Company?

The second option is having the app built by a development company. This is the best option when you have enough money to spend (when hiring a domestic company) or don't care about the quality of results (outsourcing).

Hiring Full-time Developers?

The third option is hiring developers and paying them an hourly rate or having your IT department tackle the project. This works when you are a big company, but then you wouldn't be searching for an app builder, would you?

This leads us to the fourth option - using an app builder such as Effortix.

The Benefits of Using an App Builder

You Will Save Money

And what is more important than making smart financial decisions when trying a new thing. You don't want to blow your budget right away without even being sure that your app is feasible and actually useful for the purpose you are intending.

When using Effortix, you don't pay until you want to publish your app. You can also test your app as long as you want on up to 7 devices.

On top of that, you don't risk any additional costs when you want to add a new feature.

Save money by using an app builder

It's easier than you think

When building your app with an app builder, you don't have to worry about a number of things.

First, most of the app builders have pre-designed templates that you can customize easily.

When using Effortix the only design work you will be required to do is deciding on the colors and creating the icon, header and splash screen.

The process of actually building the app is a breeze with our user-friendly administration and support available almost 24/7.

Updating your app is a matter of minutes

Effortix delivers updates automatically - updating your app is as easy as posting a status on facebook. Updates bypass app stores - this way you don't have to bother with uploading newer versions to the provider.

You Will Actually Enjoy Using the Effortix App builder

You will be less stressed

What if the servers stop working?

What if the developers start wanting more money for keeping the app running?

These questions won't haunt you and you will not have sleepless nights.

Our servers are stable and properly maintained. When something happens, our developers make sure to fix any issues immediately and on top of that, you will never pay more than you have to. With our flexible plans, you can even have an app for free!

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