Effortix For Developers

Develop powerful mobile apps on top of Effortix with easy to use API. The groundwork is done!

  Insert & Manage Your Content with Web Admin

You don't have to code everything yourself. Fill your app with content via our easy to use web administration and manage it easily on the go.

  Add Content Programmatically

Write a few lines of code and integrate data from 3rd party sources such as databases right into your mobile app easily.

  Enrich Your Apps with Online Services

Build a native app that combines both offline and online content - provide seamless experience to your users and build custom features for your apps.

  Earn Money with Effortix

Build apps for your clients or earn money with us by building extensions and plugins for our users!

Effortix for Developers

Android & iOS

Native App

Offline & Online


Phones & Tablets

Test with TestDrive

Proven & Reliable Platform

Easy to Use SDK

Multilingual Support

Hosting on Effortix Servers

Seamless Updates

Push Notifications

Helpful Support

Effortix - Now even more powerful with API
Effortix - The groundwork is done, develop more awesome features for your app
Effortix - Now even more powerful with API

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