How It Works

Build, manage and keep your mobile app up to date easily.

How Effortix Works

1. Build Your Mobile Apps Easily

Build, manage and try your mobile apps for free with our clean and easy to use cloud based administration.

Build them easily with ready-made features and pages such as a product catalog, shopping cart, forms, documents and many more...

Create Your Mobile Apps Easily

2. Keep Your Apps Up-To-Date

Make changes to your application whenever you need. Keep important information like contacts, prices or news up-to-date.

Futher grow your mobile application, add features and content or translate it to more languages.

Effortix delivers all updates automatically.

Keep Your Apps Up-To-Date

3. Manage Your Data

Manage orders and data gathered by your forms right from the Effortix administration.

Effortix is easy, fast and convenient way to build a powerful mobile apps without coding.

Manage Your Orders & Data


Effortix delivers high quality mobile apps at unbeatable prices.

Fast & Simple

Mobile apps are up and running in minutes with Effortix.


Your data is 100% safe on our secure servers. Protect your app with login and set user permissions for your content.

Android & iOS

Run your mobile apps on almost every device available. Benefit from blazingly fast native mobile applications.

Preview & Try

Build, preview, update and publish your first apps for free! You don't pay unless you need advanced features.

Fully Offline

Use your mobile application anywhere and anytime even without an internet connection.


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