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I have used many frameworks to build mobile apps, but Effortix is hands down the best. Elegant, intuitive, and stable, Effortix is a delight to use, and produces an app perfectly balanced between sophistication and simplicity.

- Brant Huddleston, USA

After nearly giving up on the search for an app platform that's user friendly, I stumbled upon Effortix and it turned out to simply be the best! It's easy to use and really makes working on my app an absolute joy. The technical support is fantastic! I couldn't have made a better choice.

- Tinashe Mukarati, Zimbabwe

Effortix provides a stellar lineup of cloud services app features that work great for a business of any size.

- Jorea Kelley Hardison, USA

These days, many companies offer mobile app development but Effortix stands out among competition and I can gladly recommend it.

- Norbert Végh, Slovakia

I din't know that creating an app can be this easy and so fun! It's great that I can instantly try it and see how it grows over time. On top of that, Effortix is truly intuitive - great work!

- František Tomeček, Czech Republic

We use Effortix to manage our official mobile city guide. We want to ensure that our visitors and citizens can access content and information easily and mobile guide built with Effortix does the job perfectly. Working with Effortix is a pleasant experience and we are looking forward to future updates of the service.

- Lukáš Filip, Czech Republic

I was impressed with how easy it was to use Effortrix and how quickly I was able to design and create my app. It helped save me a lot of time because I didn't have to learn how to write code and I didn't get bogged down into the harder areas of Android development. I also liked how quick and efficient the service was and when I posted an update it rolled out immediately. When I had the first initial ideas for the Filmmaker Toolkit it was easy to translate them into the app. I knew that I could get what I wanted with Effortrix and release it to the Google Play Store promptly.

- Miles Eves, Australia

We use Effortix to build an app for Ignis Brunensis (a fireworks festival) each year. Before, developing the app was really time consuming and included a lot of coding. Today, with Effortix, we can simply add the content and have it done in a day and then keep it updated easily while the festival is in progress.

- Petr Molík, Czech Republic

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